I am a British volunteer working on the Right to Education campaign at Birzeit University, and I am also an activist and writer with the International Solidarity Movement.

I have been given the opportunity to visit a country that has preoccupied all my thinking since being taken on a demonstration to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the 1948 Nakba as an ill-informed Fresher almost four years ago. As a slightly more politically concious 22 year old, I think that my experience here will most likely leave me with more questions than I have answers. Nevertheless, I intend to update this blog as regularly as possible – for my family and friends – but also for anyone who is interested in the occupation and would like to read about what life is really like in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Contact me at: holly_rigby@hotmail.co.uk


3 thoughts on “About

    • i just set up a blog and they have different templates that you can upload and use, really quick and easy! not for your stubby fingers though obvs xx

  1. Hi Holly – what an experience for you – Nan gave me the blog address so will keep up with your news. Think you must be the first Rigby to visit Palestine since your great uncle George was there during the war!! Take care darling – I look forward to reading the your updates.

    Fondest love Suex

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